Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dare To Dream Bigger

A frog and his family had always lived in a small well and were quite content. The frogs thought life couldn't get any better than this. One day the frog looked up and noticed the light at the top of the well. He became curious, wondering what was up there.

All the other frogs in the well immediately began telling him DO NOT climb that wall. They told him to stay where he was, besides he had everything he needed. They also invoked guilt, telling him that he shouldn't leave the family and he was being selfish for doing so.

Against everyone’s advice he climbed the side of the well and looked over the edge. What he saw was a large pond. It was so much bigger than the well. He ventured farther and discovered a huge lake. The well was a drop in the bucket compared to what was out there for him to enjoy. Life kept getting better and better!

Morals of the story...Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Dare to dream bigger. And probably the most important lesson to learn is that those closest to you, as well-intended as they may by, can only offer advice from their limited and sometimes selfish perspective.


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