Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Growing Advice

Seek to become imbued with the desire to advance, and then give universal forces a chance to help you. Everything will then work toward your aid. Obstacles will strengthen your resolve to win. Discouragement from others will only serve to strengthen and to arouse you.

See more clearly and understand more fully that every difficulty is an opportunity to advance, every stumbling block is a stepping stone to success. Let your so-called burdens lose their heaviness because the Spirit within you is unconquerable. Your inner spirit when invoked by desire and aspiration will unfailingly come forth in greater power and richer intelligence. This will guide your thoughts and actions into those pathways that lead to success.

You can stand still, and you can go backward, thus retarding your normal progress for a while, perhaps as long as a life time, but in the end you will always be compelled to move forward, especially in the direction of your inner spirit's growth.

Keep in mind nature allows no interference with her purposes. This is often the reason why “prods and pricks” of adversity come when you fail to move forward. Failing to follow signs that nudge you forward toward expansion often makes you feel uneasy.

--Raymond Holliwell 


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