Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Championship Behaviors

Brett Ledbetter interviewed college basketball coaches and in his book What Drives Winning he compiled a list of performance skills deemed critical to winning.
  • Hardworking: they pay the price with effort.
  • Competitive: thestrive to be their best at all times.
  • Positive: They remain positive especially during critical times.
  • Focused: They eliminate distractions.
  • Resilient: They bounce back from setbacks.
  • Confident: They trust in themselves and their teammates.
  • Enthusiastic: They express enjoyment and know that enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Disciplined: They remain in control.
  • Curious: They are always eager to explore and learn more.
  • Creative: They have an open mindset.
  • Motivated: They demonstrate strong purpose and desire.
  • Courageous: They express fortitude in face of challenges
  • Accountable: They take responsibility for own actions.

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