Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dan Spainhour On The Whistle and Clipboard Podcast

Dan Spainhour 34 Year High School and College Coach, Founder of The Leadership Publishing Team, and Curator of the Coaching and Leadership Journal shares with us a processed approach to success thru simplification
Definition of Coach
Leader with a vision and within that vision there are standards and expectations that are trying to be imparted to the people who are following, sometime parent, teacher and advisor
Coaching Why
The opportunity to build relationships with the players and build a team, family and program each year
Thought for the Day
Focus on the process and the product will take care of itself.
Its the little things that make the big things happen
Its the message not the messenger
Leaders need to educate kids not getting the result you want doesn’t make you a failure
Lost the state championship by two point, felt like a failure, had their end of the season get together and the team was feeling really good about what they accomplished together
Fundamental 4
Focus on the little things, Defense, being able to contain the basketball- arc the dribbler for the first two steps
Practice Plan
Plan everything, plan it out and save them for future reference. Make sure your getting out of your practices what you need to get out. Take the whole of whatever you do break it down into the little parts and there are your drills
Coaching Tool Box
Use YouTube to find the information you need to help you
Have a personal library, good leaders are readers, continue educate yourself in a broader sense than just basketball
Book Recommendation
The Coaching and Leadership Journal, a print magazine
The Magic of Believing – Claud Bristol
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
Coaching Basketball Successfully – Morgan Wooten
In the race to be better or best don’t miss the Joy of being!

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