Wednesday, May 3, 2017

In The May 2017 Issue Of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Here is some of what you will find in the May 2017 Issue
  • Leadership lessons from the dark side
  • Josh McDaniel’s lessons learned
  • Unheralded but not unworthy speeches
  • Their thoughts—Nancy Stevens, UConn Field Hockey  
  • Improve team ownership
  • Lessons learned from being fired
  • Getting your next job
  • Witty Comebacks
  • When sh*t hits the fan
  • Harbaugh-isms—from the mind of Jim Harbaugh 
  • Developing a positive culture
  • The science of great conversation
  • The little book of coaching
  • Sharpen your listening skills 
  • And Much More!
The journal is a monthly source of leadership ideas and techniques written specifically for leaders. Each month Dan Spainhour brings his 33 years of experience to the journal. He and his team scour the internet and print publications for leadership and coaching commentary and cut it down to size saving you valuable time but still giving you the information you need to stay ahead of your competition. We provide content that meets that need of athletic professionals and you'll refer to it again and again. It is not just a journal but a valuable resource delivered to you each month.

There is so much information out there and it can be so time consuming trying to find it. Coaches don’t have time to read blogs, and other material that can provide some really great information. Our journal allows them to get the information they need without having to waste time searching for it. I believe the top people in any profession never stop learning and that is the main objective of this journal, provide coaches and leaders the means to learn without having to waste their valuable time.—Dan Spainhour, Editor of The Coaching and Leadership Journal    

When you subscribe you will get:
  • A one-year subscription to The Coaching and Leadership Journal (12 print issues).
  • Access to The Coaching and Leadership Journal website.
  • The digital version of the current issue of The Coaching and Leadership Journal 
  • Access to our weekly report The Team Leadership Report which includes timely and relevant coaching and leadership information as well as motivational stories.
  • Strategies to motivate your team and staff.
  • Quotes, anecdotes and trends to use in your team meetings and practices.
  • Ideas and philosophies from prominent leaders to help your team rise to any challenge.
  • Tactics to get the most out of your team and an edge on your competition.
  • Ideas and techniques that help you and your staff communicate more effectively with your team.

All of our products are fully protected by The Leadership Publishing Team's Money Back Guarantee for the life of your subscription. You can get a prompt refund on the balance of my account at any time, for any reason.

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