Tuesday, February 14, 2017

So What...

So what if everyone makes excuses.
Living excuse free is about taking responsibility for every aspect of your life. It’s about creating a future you’re proud of.

So what if it hasn’t been done before?
Be the first.

So what if you get it wrong a few times?
Reinvent yourself.

So what if you don’t have the "right" degree?
Be curious. Learn more.

So what if no one believes in you?
You don’t need approval to be successful.

So what if it gets hard?
All big things require pain and loss.

So what if you keep trying and never get it right?
Audacity is always the right move.

So what if people aren’t following you?
They will follow once you do something amazing.

So what if you get hurt?
That’s the price of boldness.

So what if you’re under-appreciated?
Ego would only make you complacent.

So what if everything you thought was right turns out to be wrong?
Make up new rules.

So what if the experts disagree with you?
The experts might be wrong.

So what if you give more than you get?
You might just be happier.

So what? So what? So what? You have to look within yourself and challenge the demons that hold you back from being successful.You’ll never rise to be a champion until you can look past the fear and the failure and the excuses holding you back.

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