Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mike Krzyzewski's Thoughts On...

On Competition:
    • I think your focus should always be on yourself, being the best that you can be. Your competition shows your flaws, your weakness. I'm into beating my opponents, not crushing them. Without competition, you don’t know how people are looking to beat you. So you welcome that. But if you’re committed to excellence, it’s not about one game, you have to be there all the time. You’re never at the end, you’re always "becoming."

On Loving To Win Or Hating To Lose:

    • Both! I would say for me, the thought of losing is a bigger motivator than the thought of winning. But the hatred of losing causes you to prepare to win. Everybody wants to win, not everybody wants to prepare to win. You have to love the process of preparing to achieve that goal of winning. People who are less talented can beat you if they are more together, tougher and more unselfish.

On Coaching Egos:

    • People always ask “How do you get these big egos together?” If you have a good common cause--to play for your country, your school and win for that -- that’s a pretty good common cause. We always try to get people to make a commitment to being part of something that is bigger than themselves. 
On The Difference Between Coaching College And Team USA:
    • When I’m coaching the young guys in college, they pretty much have to adapt to me. The lessons I’ve learned in adapting to the pro players have been unbelievable. How you train, how they are able to be successful in certain situations. I’ve learned more in the past 10 years from these guys than I knew before.
--Adapted from entrepreneur.com

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