Thursday, August 11, 2016

Things Tough Teams Do

  • Win on the road
    • Not since 1980 has a collegiate team won a championship with a less than .500 winning percentage on the road. Tough teams win in tough places.
  • Set the tone
    • Tough teams determine how games are played. Tough teams execute and control the tempo.
  • Always show toughness
    • When tough teams are down, they do not show frustration. 
    • If tough teams are hurt, they do not show pain. 
    • The opponent cannot read a tough team.
  • Are Consistent
    • Tough teams always show up to play every time they step on the floor. 
    • Practice is tougher than games so games become easy.
  • Respect every opponent
    • Tough teams understand that every game is important. 
    • Tough teams understand that every opponent can beat them no matter what their record or reputation.
  • Are identified with toughness
    • Tough teams play great defense and take pride in it.
    • Tough teams are on the floor first for loose balls. 
    • Tough teams do not turn the ball over.
    • Tough teams believe in the little things.....

Thought For The Week:

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving

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