Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Job Hunting

  • When you interview for a job, the interview must be interactive—they question you–you question them–whoever asks the best questions wins.
  • Always enter an interview with a list of pre-scripted questions that you will ask during the interview.
  • Here is a great strategic interview question: Can I get in writing a list of your expectations of me as a coach & what you’ll consider success or failure?
  • Be sure you know who will be on the interview committee and do a background check on each person.
  • Be certain to have at least one question for every person on the interview committee.
  • Other questions to ask: 
    • Other than the previous coaches won/loss record what were some concerns that you had with him/her?
    • What are five things that it is imperative that the new coach focus on immediately? Why?
    • What are the most important characteristics you value in your coach??
    • In your opinion what are the biggest challenges confronting this program?
    • Will I be given adequate amount of time to make the necessary corrections? What do you believe is a reasonable time table to achieve this?
  • The number one objective in an interview is to tell a compelling story as to why you should be the coach & then what unique values you bring to the program!
  • Things to find out:
    • The graduation rates over the last five years where the school ranks within the conference.
    • If all returning players are academically eligible for participation?
    • Where does the program’s budget stand overall in the conference??
  • Very few coaches go into an interview process with an aggressive mentality, most go with their hat in their hand!
  • Halfway through the interview process you should be able to establish that you’re either interviewing for a ‘great’ job or a ‘bad’ job!
  • NEVER take a job where you have less than the 70% chance to excel!
  • Never take a job because it’s an opportunity to be a head coach, this mentality is a death trap! You’re likely be fired within 4 yrs!
  • When you walk into a room for the interview be sure to walk up to each person in the room introduce yourself.
  • Open the interview process with a short statement about why you want the job & what unique value you will bring to the job.
  • At the end of the interview make sure there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind who you are, what you’re about & what you’re capable of achieving!
  • Always know beforehand under what conditions you would accept the job and what conditions you would reject the job?
  • Questions to ask yourself:
    • Are you running toward a job or away from a job?
    • Are you looking for a job or a career?
    • Are you really qualified and ready to be a head coach or do you just think you are?

Source: coachgeorgeraveling.com

Thought for the week: If your feet are firmly planted on the ground, you'll never be able to dance.

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