Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hard Truths Of The Coaching Profession

  • Remember you are always six months away from being fired.
  • Coaching is all about what have you done for me lately?
  • If most AD’s gave the coach they fired what they gave the coach they hired they would’ve never had to fire the first coach.
  • A coaches death trap is a new athletic director & a new president, be certain not to invest in a new home! Update your resume!
  • We have all heard about the coach who had 5 years of 100% grad rates, no violations, no character problems with the players yet was still fired for losing.
  • Very few coaches understand the vital importance of the contents of their contracts, well worded ones can make it difficult to fire you!
  • A coach who enters contract negotiations without professional representation is not smart.
  • Most of the people sitting around an interview table are not experts on the game, you’re the expert conduct yourself in that manner.
  • You must educate the uneducated.
  • All job interview committees will have 2 types of people: those who really count & those who think they count! Make sure you know who is who.
  • There are few high quality coaching jobs in collegiate athletics. Anyone can get a coaching job but can you get a high quality job?
  • Do you want to coach or make money?There is a huge difference!
  • If you think your only responsibility is to coach the team you are delusional.
  • Schools are no longer hiring coaches, they’re hiring servant leaders! Individuals who can take a program from where it is to where it should be!
  • Do you want a head coaching job so bad that you would travel across the country and pay your own expenses to do the interview?
  • Before taking a new job ask yourself, "How many losses am I willing to put on my career record to get a program started in a winning direction?"
  • Once you get a head coaching job you must immediately create a strategic survival plan to keep the job for a long period of time.
Adapted from coachgeorgeraveling.com

Thought for the week:

Don’t worry your life away waiting for the elusive prize at journey’s end. The journey is the prize.


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