Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Roy Williams--Handling Criticism, Advice For Coaches

"You are going to have to have thicker skin because you were criticized a hundred years ago but nothing like you are criticized now. You have to have a great focus to coach your team but not forget your family and the important things. I really believe this, no profession in the world is more scrutinized than coaching."

"I say it like this because I have golf buddies. Everyone in the world thinks they can be a basketball coach or a golf course superintendent. If you play golf, there's always someone who says, why do they mow it like this or why don't they put water over here or why don't they clean this place up? We have 21,288 in attendance at our game, and a lot of those guys, 'Why is Roy doing this? Why is Roy doing that?' In my mind, it must be the easiest profession in the world because everyone thinks they can do it better than the guy who is doing it."

Hard Work: A Life On and Off the Court

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