A Story About Accepting Your Role

A sea captain and a crusty engineer were talking and they began to argue about whose skill was most needed for the running the ship. They decided to trade jobs for a day. The engineer would be on the bridge, and the captain would go down to the engine room. A few hours into their shift, the captain emerged from below decks. “Chief” he yelled, “you need to get down here. I can’t get her to go.” “Of course you can’t, barked the chief, “She’s aground!”


The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player

LPTeam Releases The Best of The Coaching and Leadership Journal

Winston Salem, N.C. The Leadership Publishing Team announced the release of The Best of The Coaching and Leadership Journal, a collection of the most loved and requested issues from the journal.

About the Journal

As the information on the Internet has grown and expanded, so has the need for people to sort through it. Editor Dan Spainhour brings his 33 years of experience to the journal. Each issue invokes his judgment, knowledge and experience to determine what is valuable to their readers. Spainhour and his team scour the internet and print publications for leadership and coaching commentary. Information is then cut down to size saving valuable time but still giving relevant and pertinent information that benefits any athletic professional. It is not just a journal but a valuable resource delivered to subscriber’s inbox each month.

Although each issue is an archived issue all material is relevant to today and never grows old.  Subscriptions are being sold for only $49 a year which is $100 off the new subscription price. Monthly plans are also available.

Subscribers will get a one-year subscription to The Best Of Coaching and Leadership Journal—12 digital issues; one each month delivered to their inbox as well as The Team Leadership Report, a weekly report covering timely and relevant coaching and leadership information emailed each week.

For more information please visit The Best Of The Coaching & Leadership Journal

Simple Things Are Critical To Building Programs

Dave Serrano, former UC-Irvine’s baseball coach, as well as the 2007 Baseball America’s coach of the year, holds his team to the highest standards even when cleaning up after practice. They are required to maintain their concentration even when setting up and clearing the field. UCI turned clearing the field into a competitive game, timing how fast they can take down the batting cage, screens and tarps. They got so proficient at it, they could do it in 27 seconds. 

Serrano believes that focusing on these simple things was critical in building his successful program at UCI. Serrano is currently the head coach at the University of Tennessee.
—Adapted from Baseball America


A Season In Words by Dan Spainhour

Study Proves Importance of Communication

In a Florida State University study, winning doubles tennis teams talked strategy twice as much as losing teams did.

The study also found that winning teammates vocally encouraged each other nearly three times as more often than losing teams did.

“Emotional exchanges helps teams feel more capable” explains study coauthor Gershon Tenebaum, PhD

In other words the more a team talks to each other with purpose, enthusiasm and encouragement the greater the chance of success.


A Season In Words by Dan Spainhour

Team Morale Boosters

  1. Daily learning. Stimulate team members to do what it takes to improve.
  2. Elbow room. As the team improves in competence, let them gradually take on more responsibility.
  3. Support. Show your players that all the team’s work is valuable, even if it’s not glamorous or doesn’t get public attention.
  4. Meaning. When things get tough, give consistent reminders of what the work will lead to.

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